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Thanks for your interest in being a guest on Associations Thrive!

The Associations Thrive podcast is hosted by Joanna Pineda, CEO & Chief Troublemaker at Matrix Group International. Joanna’s personal mission and the mission of Matrix Group is to help associations and nonprofits increase membership, generate revenue and thrive in the digital space. We do it through web, mobile, social, a membership database (MatrixMaxx), and virtual/hybrid meetings (BeSpeake).

Associations Thrive showcases associations and nonprofits doing new and unique things that are helping them thrive in today’s crazy landscape. 

Through each 30 minute episode, we tell the story of these associations and their leaders. If you’ve launched a new initiative, revamped an existing service or event, or updated your governance to be more nimble, and are seeing great results, I want to hear your story and share it with the wider association community.

Watch this video and apply to be on the show:

Associations Thrive Host, Joanna Pineda

Associations Thrive Host,

Joanna Pineda

You’re the type of guest I want on Associations Thrive if:

  • You are a CEO or Executive Director of an association or nonprofit

  • Your organization has launched a new initiative in the past two years that is positively impacting your membership, revenue and engagement

Here’s what recent guests on Associations Thrive have discussed:

  • A trade association revamped its research and partnered with outside groups to increase their expertise and reach.

  • A professional society in the medical field created a new member type for company memberships to increase members and get engagement from owners.

  • A small trade association began offering open Zoom meetings for their members. These gatherings allow their smallest members to meet with their peers on a regular basis.

  • A professional society revamped its physical space to create a community hub and constructed a recording studio to help members with photos, podcasts and videos - for free!

Schedule your podcast interview below. We schedule recordings for one hour so that we can chat for about 20 minutes about you and your story, and then record for 25-35 minutes.

After you schedule your podcast interview session, I will share some vital tips (via video) to help you sound great on the recording, think about what you can share with my audience, and get the specific questions I’ll ask you.

Apply To Be A Guest Here:

  • Assistants & PR Agencies: Please supply the GUEST'S contact information for scheduling/confirmation purposes.

Some Final Tech Tips....

  • We'll be recording on Zoom but will only use the audio for the podcast. Then again, we may grab a few screenshots to share on social!

  • If you’re one of the three people in the world who has not used Zoom, please download it here:

  • If possible, please don’t use your laptop’s microphone for our interview; the audio won’t be great. If you don’t already have one, I recommend getting a quality microphone and then using headphones or a headset to eliminate echo. Here are 3 great options for not much money. Order one of these and you’ll sound great on all of your Zoom calls, meetings and interviews in the future!

    * ATR-2005

    * Blue Yeti

    * Blue Snowball

I can’t wait to have you on Associations Thrive!

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